Look at our learning


Home Learning

Roqaya has made a lovely habitat at home with the help of her dad. It fits in really well with our topic Eco Warriors. Well done Roqaya, I wonder what you will make next?r


Congratulations goes to…

Su’ad and Mohammed for being awarded Gold Awards this week. We feel very proud of you. Mohammed has just fantastic manners and never fails to use them all the time. Su’ad always puts in 100% effort in all her learning and behaviour, excellent work Su’ad👍


Forest School Learning

Today we worked in the forest with Shayne to look at habitats and what different materials we could use to create homes for the animals that we might find in the forest.

Have a look at our creations and how hard we worked to create habitats that were wind proof, rain proof and habitable. What do you think?


Our new topic of learning is Eco Warriors

We have now begun our new topic of learning in Y2 Heroes. It’s called Eco Warriors. The children have completed their grids and told Miss Swales and Mrs Toner what they already know. Here are a few examples of what the children said.

Bees can sting.

Butterflies can fly.

Ladybirds are red and bees are black and yellow.

Habitats are places where animals live.

Dragonflies have long wings.

Ladybirds have six legs.

Bees go to flowers and then make honey.

Lots of children had many questions about what they would like to learn, here are a few of them.

How do butterflies get big?

What do dragonflies eat?

Why do we do recycling?

Why do ladybirds sit on leaves and not fall off?

What do ants do?

I’m sure over the next few weeks we will be finding out the answers to all these fantastic curious questions.